Two Thousand Sixteen


For years I've dreamt of leaving the corporate interior design profession behind to wander into a new journey. It took 10 long years and a lot of struggle before discovering my passion for flowers and realizing that I could actually do this thing. Now here I am as The Wilding Collective; doing this thing I once only dreamt about! I get to make my own schedule, harvest my own creativity and most importantly, still have time with Juniper. Two Thousand Sixteen was my first full year of creating designs for some amazing couples who have entrusted me with one of the most important days of their lives. Along the way, I've met and got to work along side some wonderful and talented industry folks. I've also had some exciting opportunities this year from being featured in Edible Northeast Florida and on several blogs, my first live TV appearance and the many pop-ups at Momni and Madewell.  So, Thank You all for the support and encouragement in 2016 and lets make 2017 an even more amazing year! Happy New Year! 

Dara + Brad - Photography: Christina Karst Photography 

Sarah + John - Photography: Christina Karst Photography

Sarah + Alex - Photography: Christina Karst Photography

Caroline + Steven - Photography: Christina Karst Photography

Caroline + Brandon - Photography: Flora + Fauna 

Taylor + Mark - Photography: Christina Karst Photography

Erin + William - Photography: Christina Karst Photography

Ashley + Given - Photography: Flora + Fauna 

Karen + Asa - Photography: Bri Cibene Photography

Chelsea + John - Photography: Stefanie Keeler Photography 

Angie + Ed - Photography: Stefanie Keeler Photography 

Renata + Matt - Photography: Christina Karst Photography

Emily + John - Photography: Nicole Piper Photography

Leah + Warren - Photography: Ivey Pictures (Not pictured but will include their photo soon)

Ashley + Ryan - Photography: We are the Bowsers